Why Your Office Should Be a Place of Comfort

If you are like most people, you probably spend at least eight hours a day in your office – that’s one third of your life, and probably about half of the time that you spend awake!

This alone should be reason enough to make sure that your office is comfortable and pleasing to you. Smart employers understand that a well-designed office can lead to increased productivity and enhanced employee satisfaction, and do their best to ensure that employees have what they need to feel at ease in the workplace.


Something as simple as a properly-adjusted chair or a well-designed desk can make a great difference to employee productivity. Even companies with a small budget can usually find office furniture that is within their budget. Top-of-the-line furniture is seldom necessary. It may be useful for impressing clients, but for the person who is actually doing the job, office furniture that is safe and comfortable is generally sufficient. For people who keyboard a fair bit as part of their job, an ergonomic keyboard is also helpful.


Furniture that can adapt to more than one user is always a wise choice, since in the modern workplace space is often shared. One person may occupy the space in the daytime, and then someone else may come in at night. For this reason, it is important to choose chairs that can be adjusted to individual height and comfort level. Locking drawers may be desirable in shared work spaces, particularly if the job is such that there are security concerns.


Office furniture is available in a wide range of styles, and of course if you have the opportunity to create your own office environment you may have a good deal more flexibility than if you are sharing space with other workers. Where space is shared, the concern is obviously that if you can’t please everyone, you should probably try for the majority. In that context, neutral, functional furniture is probably the best choice. This also presents the image of a modern, competent company.


When the style has been selected, it is important to make sure that the furniture accommodates the tools of modern business – the PC, the printer and monitor, and whatever else you need to have nearby. There should also be sufficient storage space. The chair is probably the most important element, since a worker will occupy it for the better part of the day, and discomfort is not conducive to productivity.


Finally, a few decorative touches can go a long way to making a work space appealing. Framed prints and plants (real or artificial) are welcoming to the worker and also to anyone who may be invited into the office.

A comfortable, appealing office is a pleasure for a client to visit, and essential to the productivity of the employee.

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