Matching Furniture For Style

Here is an unappealing scenario:

You have just emptied your pockets to purchase a number of French furniture pieces but in the end it all seems to be worth nothing. None of your furnishing items go together; there is no ambiance or harmony between the pieces. It looks like you have shopped for one item in irrelevance with the other.

So you see, matching up furniture to achieve a desired style is just as important as choosing a good place to shop for your furniture.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when you are matching furniture for style:

  1. Decorating a room with different furniture styles, colours and patterns is often considered to be fashionable, but such an experiment can be hard to pull off for your place to look trendy instead of in ruins! When pairing items, a designer often advises, “Mix hard with soft, square with round and blocky with leggy.”

  2. You can mingle styles by introducing an antique piece of furniture with a modern one, mix dark with light. Just be sure to keep a balance; after all you can’t have too much of a good thing!

  3. There is a useful quality associated with both wooden and non-wooden furniture. Why not try mixing the two? Adding a wooden desk to coloured non-wooden chairs for example can introduce a luring contrast.

  4. There was an old rule that said “use only one type of wood in the room.” This has been left in the past! Mixing wood can make the room interesting provided you take care in choosing complementing shades and finishing. You can pick red, chocolate and light tones from the grain in the wood to match your pieces.

In the end, it isn’t how much you spend on French furniture that brings a nice exquisite look to your rooms.

It is about how you choose what you buy and how you place it around your home, keeping in mind the dimensions of room, the space and the effects that you are looking for.

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