How to Create A Certain Ambiance

The type of space you want to occupy has everything to do with the type of person you are. What might be a cozy little space to someone who likes to “nest” could be a claustrophobic nightmare to someone who needs a lot of breathing room!

When designing your own sanctuary, first decide what appeals to you visually. If you are a minimalist, you will probably prefer clean lines, neutral colors and very few knick-knacks. Traditionalists may prefer something a little brighter, with treasured objects on display.


In home decorating, colour is probably the most important consideration. Colours should blend naturally with one another, although if the overall theme is neutral, you may want to add a piece or two in a bright, primary colour to add visual impact. Colour can also affect and reflect the emotions – reds are dynamic and warm, greens and blues are usually calming, and yellow can be stimulating.

Choosing the right colour combination isn’t hard – if you think about it you probably already have some idea of where to start. Begin by looking in your closet – the colours that you like to wear are probably the ones you would most like to have surrounding you. You could also look through magazines, or even just take a walk and observe what colours you find pleasing in nature.


The type of furniture you choose will also affect the ambiance of a room. There are two main types of furniture – traditional and contemporary. Within these two categories are a number of subgroups, like Scandinavian, Tudor, Victorian, French, American country, Art Deco, Italian and French Provincial, Mission and Bauhaus. You could choose from one group or go for a more eclectic approach, mixing several styles.


Flooring is something that is often given little consideration. It can also be something you’re stuck with if you’re buying instead of building, and you’re on a budget. You can still make something pleasing out of existing flooring though – old wood flooring can be stripped and varnished, stained or even painted. A rug here and there can make a world of difference. Vinyl flooring is available in a huge variety of colours and price ranges, as is carpet.


Lighting can be very influential on the mood of a room. Bright, dramatic lighting gives an energetic feel, whereas floor and table lamps provide a softer glow. A chandelier can be a stunning accent piece that gives a room a feeling of elegance.


Accessorising is another area where you really get to personalise a room. You might display heirlooms or books, add impact with throw pillows, hang movie posters, or display pottery or sculptures. Alternatively, if you’re trying for a high-tech look, you might use just one or two “statement” pieces. Have fun with accessorising – unlike wall colour, this is something that’s easy to undo.

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to create the ambiance you want. You already know what pleases you, and pulling it together can be fun and exciting.

Contact the team at Asset Furniture if you would like help with creating a certain ambiance in your home using stylish French furniture.

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