French Provincial Bedroom Furniture

French provincial bedroom furniture allows you to combine the elements of elegant French beauty with practicality and comfort. If you want a luxurious way to decorate your home, it’s a natural choice. Each piece of bedroom furniture can also be considered an art work, while still allowing you to be comfortable within your home.


The origins of French provincial furnishings are the provinces in France where the pieces were traditionally produced. These include Bordeaux, Provence and Normandy, where the luxurious and lavish styles of the busy cities were adapted to the countryside lifestyle.

French provincial bedroom furniture utilizes woods like walnut, beech and oak, which were plentiful in the countryside of France. The elements of country living in France, including carvings and scenes reminiscent of country life, were incorporated into the design.


Bedroom furniture in the French provincial style is usually functional, and not as ornate as some other styles. It has the elegance of more decorative and elaborate furnishings, but it combines that with functionality that makes the pieces more useful in everyday life.

French provincial furniture has been influenced by a variety of styles, most notably the Gothic and Renaissance. It is not uncommon to see elements of the two in the same piece. Heavy, dark furniture is mainly Gothic-influenced, whereas the Renaissance pieces are typically slimmer, lighter and often more ornately carved. The Rococo pieces can be very delicate in appearance.


French provincial bedroom furniture is easy to find, and offers unsurpassed comfort and elegance. Whether you are looking just for an accent piece or decorating an entire room, the possibilities are endless. Dealers offer chairs, sofas, armoires, bookcases, hutches, bedroom furniture and more. French furniture showrooms often boast a a superb selection of quality furniture.

Genuine antiques are available along with a variety of modern reproductions.


There are no real rules to decorating with French provincial furniture. A simple accent piece can work very well to give visual impact, or many pieces can be used together. It is wise, though, to avoid mixing too many styles – Rococo pieces, for example, may look odd if paired with the heavier Gothic styles.

Whether you are furnishing a new home or just trying to add a little variety to your existing décor, French furniture is a wise choice with endless possibilities.

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