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You’re a parent.  You know the drill.

Your child is a sweetheart.  A real sweetheart.  But a real messy sweetheart!

Clothes strewn all over the floor, shirts hanging out of drawers, last week’s lunch on the floor.

Declared “No-Go Zone”!

Sometimes a child’s room makes you just want to shut the door and declare it a no-go zone!  (But then it’ll smell as well!)

That’s where Asset Furniture comes in.  You see, we’re run by a mum for other mums and dads.  We know about messy bedrooms – and our bedroom drawers are here to help.

With long extension runners, the entire drawer can be seen so that nothing is hidden in the deep, dark depths never to see the light of day.  Sounds good, right?

Being extra deep means that the drawers have the space to hold everything.  And I mean everything – no more spill over of clothes, no more stuffing jumpers in and wrestling with the drawer to shut it and no more piles of clothes sitting on the drawer for weeks whilst clothes get wore and tossed in the wash.

Gorgeous Storage Solutions

We have other gorgeous storage solutions full of fun and vibrancy.


Lots Of Choices

To make the drawers even better, they come in different styles, sizes and colours (in any Dulux colour or Tasmanian oak stain).  For those tricky areas, we can even make to measure.  The perfect size drawers for your awkward space.

Problem solved.

A tidier bedroom, a happier parent and a slightly bewildered child thinking “How did all that get in the drawers?”

Down Low, Up High, Our Shelves Clean Up To The Sky!

It’s not only clothing mess we solve with style, we also get those books, baskets and electronics sorted with our deep (30 cm deep) shelving allowing for big, big books, baskets, computers and whatever else needs tidying up.

These quality shelves, they have extra shelf fronts for added strength (they’re kind of like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of shelves), are available in lots of different and very groovy colours and sizes.

In bedrooms, the study or anywhere really (I did mention they can be made to measure), these shelves look great and work even better.

Desks For Any Area

Everyone knows that every great mind needs a desk to sit at whilst it contemplates homework to be done before

Desks are getting smaller these days – after all, that little laptop has replaced large notebooks, dictionaries, text books, pens, calculators and of yesteryear – and we have a great range available.

Our desks are the same as our drawers and shelves – made to order, available in lots of colours and they look fabulous.  Just what you need to inspire little minds to great minds.

Bedroom Style Awaits You

With a beautiful range of beds, bedheads and bedroom drawers, style is yours at Asset Furniture.

Come on in and view our elegant collection whether it’s to create extra storage or create your own style for the room.

Inspire your home with quality furniture that lasts.  Style never goes out of fashion at Asset Furniture.

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